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TV series Download guide | Comedies About Cops, Drugs and Madness

By Antony Sklipek / March 28, 2017

Director of “New Girl” and “Children’s Hospital” along with executive co-producer of “How I Met Your Mother” and other talented guys made a new product. It is an absurd comedy, a clear unrestrained grotesque with many gags, slapstick jokes, plays of words, incredibly numerous references to cops-themed products and clichés. One won’t find here subtle […]


This is interesting: BoJack Horseman will be released in August 2017

By Antony Sklipek / March 10, 2017

Meet BoJack in the series BoJack Horseman It looks like a horse just walks on two hind legs, wearing human clothes (particularly fond of colorful sweaters) and sometimes sleeps with the ex-girlfriend – not a mare, but a person. Our hero is in constant depression and there are reasons for that. Once he was known […]


The fourth season of “Black sails” will be the last

By Antony Sklipek / February 27, 2017

The cable network announced that the fourth season of the pirate series “Black sails” will be final. Premiere of the last 10 episodes is scheduled for 2017. “It’s a rare privilege to get so much creative freedom we had to create a series for four years,” says co-Creator and Executive producer Jonathan E. Steinberg, thanks […]


Benedict Cumberbatch fulfills his Dream project

By Antony Sklipek / February 9, 2017

The actor will play the title role in the miniseries Melrose based on a series of bestselling. The main character of the autobiographical cycle of books (the most famous is the “mother’s milk” in 2006, claimed the Pulitzer prize) is irresistible aristocrat, playboy and handsome Patrick Melrose from the rich but unhappy dysfunctional family. As […]