TV series Download guide | Comedies About Cops, Drugs and Madness

By Antony Sklipek / March 28, 2017

Director of “New Girl” and “Children’s Hospital”

angie tv show episodesalong with executive co-producer of “How I Met Your Mother” and other talented guys made a new product. It is an absurd comedy, a clear unrestrained grotesque with many gags, slapstick jokes, plays of words, incredibly numerous references to cops-themed products and clichés. One won’t find here subtle of intellectual humor – only the simplest of the simple plot twists, dialogues and situations. Even though jokes can be understood in advance, they cause laugh anyway. It seems that the maximum pause between them is about a minute. Mocking at the most stable police-related ideas and concepts (interrogation/boss-employee relations/collecting forensics/undercover missions etc.) in the blackish way is the TV series’ essence. The same degree of madness, rush and absence of common sense can be traced in our tv download guide. If you like “Monty Python”, “The Naked Gun”, “Police Squad!” or would like to watch an American version of “Keen Eddie” – that’s definitely what is needed.

Film “T2 Trainspotting”

Sequel of the 90ies “Trainspotting”, well-known hit which has become inevitable part of American and British culture long ago, looks like a heaven’s present for International Women’s Day. Danny Boyle has forgotten his conflict with Ewan McGregor (the quarrel started after the director didn’t invite the actor to be filmed in his “Beach”), brought together quite an unusual team and made a film with a name looking like “Terminator 2”. Action takes place 20 years after events of the original film. Bagbie is on his prison term again, Renton after micro infarct comes back to Edinburgh, Spud is tackling his drug-prone troubles as before. Generally speaking, these guys’ show goes on (at least, majority of them).

The similar type of Napoleonic plans, constant problems and crazy experiencing of life can be watched in

TV series Sneaky Pete

sneakypete tv show downoad
Marius played by Giovanni Ribisi is a fraud on the verge of his being released from the prison. In his previous place of living he was constantly listening to his cellmate Pete’s stories about his happy childhood with his grandparents and their business. Marius arrives in Pete’s family and pretends being their forgotten distant relative while hoping to gain some money. However, his venture turns into a snowball of constant troubles, awkward situations, other’s family scandals and always arising problems. It is a mixture of classic conman-themed stories (for example, The Sting of 1973 here is directly mentioned) and “Breaking Bad” with its abrupt plot twists and down-to-earth crime plot.

This is interesting: BoJack Horseman will be released in August 2017

By Antony Sklipek / March 10, 2017

Meet BoJack in the series BoJack Horseman

It looks like a horse just walks on two hind legs, wearing human clothes (particularly fond of colorful sweaters) and sometimes sleeps with the ex-girlfriend – not a mare, but a person. Our hero is in constant depression and there are reasons for that. Once he was known to every viewer, as appeared in the rating sitcom. But that was during the 90s and the glory time has long gone. But how should former star cope with that?

That is because BoJack lives not with present, but mostly with his stellar past. Mental wounds horse fills entirely in a human way, namely by drinking whisky. His present days consist of drinking bouts, attempts to get to feet again with falling next accompanied by self-deprecating thoughts. As we expect Bojack Horseman season 4 release date will be anounced at the beginig of spring but we hope that series renewed at August.
Watch the trailer:

The fourth season of “Black sails” will be the last

By Antony Sklipek / February 27, 2017

The cable network announced that the fourth season of the pirate series “Black sails” will be final. Premiere of the last 10 episodes is scheduled for 2017.

“It’s a rare privilege to get so much creative freedom we had to create a series for four years,” says co-Creator and Executive producer Jonathan E. Steinberg, thanks for the opportunity to do this show exactly as he wanted. The producer says that it was difficult to make a decision on the completion of the project and to come up with last season’s most interesting and logical conclusion of the story.

Despite the large number of TV series, “Black sails” has managed to attract the attention of a wide audience and show high ratings. The first three seasons took place in the amount of 3.6 million viewers. The series debuted almost two hundred countries across the globe and received several nominations and won two “Emmy” in 2014 (special effects and sound editing).

Benedict Cumberbatch fulfills his Dream project

By Antony Sklipek / February 9, 2017

The actor will play the title role in the miniseries Melrose based on a series of bestselling.

The main character of the autobiographical cycle of books (the most famous is the “mother’s milk” in 2006, claimed the Pulitzer prize) is irresistible aristocrat, playboy and handsome Patrick Melrose from the rich but unhappy dysfunctional family.
As a child he was sexually abused by his father, whose mother was complicit in his silence. Then there was the alcohol, drug addiction, attempted suicide and miraculous revival from the depths of Vice, where he pulled out the writing.